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Admission Process

We always recommend seeing a few homes before making your decision. Choosing a home can be quite a daunting decision, so taking a look at a few homes and seeing which home fits your or your loved one’s personality and needs is always advisable.

Please feel free to call us to arrange a discussion and a tour of the homes. It is recommended that this is done early in the process, as we usually have a waiting list, so should you wish to have a place at either home, it is advisable that you put your name on the waiting list as soon as possible.

Pre-Admission Assessment

If you or your loved one would like to join Anastasia Lodge or Autumn Gardens for either permanent, respite or day care, then we will carry out a pre-admission assessment. This involves the individual who would like to join us spending a day with us at the home free of charge. Having spent a day with us, the potential resident will see whether they like the feel of the home before making their decision.

During this day, we will carry out a full pre-admission assessment so that we can determine whether we can meet the needs of the individual. In some circumstances, such as where the individual resident is in hospital, spending a day at the Home is not possible; in these circumstances, the Manager or Assistant Manager will carry out the pre-admission assessment where the resident is currently residing.

Following the pre-admission assessment, we will be able to inform you of the cost of the placement.

Funding Assessment

We accept individuals who are self-funded (private residents) and also individuals who have a funding source, such as a local authority or a Clinical Commissioning Group. If the individual is not self-funded, then the funding body, such as a local authority or a Clinical Commissioning Group, will need to carry out its own assessment as to whether it is willing to fund the full cost of the placement.

We will require confirmation in writing of the funding body’s agreement to the placement before admission can occur. It can take a long time for funding bodies to carry out their assessments and confirm placements, so it is recommended that you start this process as soon as possible.

If the individual is self-funded, then funding will be arranged directly with the home in advance of the start date of the placement.

Day of Admission

On the day of admission, we request that the next of kin set aside approximately 3 hours to work with the team at the Home to assist their loved one to settle into the home and also to complete the admission paperwork.

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