Making the right choice for you

How To Apply

Deciding on whether to move into a care home can be a difficult decision. It is always recommended to start thinking about your options early, to give you time to understand all the information, arrange a tour and ask lots of questions. Often people ease gently into our homes by coming to our Day Care Services or Come Together Memory Club first.


We have a waiting list for long-term placements, so, it is advisable that you put your name on the waiting list as soon as possible.


If you are not thinking of long-term care now, there are lots of other options that may be more suitable for you or your loved one, like our Come Together Memory Club, Day Care Services, short-term or respite care. Coming to us for Day Care initially enables a smooth transition into 24 hour care if it is needed at a later stage.


Please take the time to read through the process below and let us know if you have any questions.

Contact us on 02083442600 or and we will send you an Information Pack. We recommend you read the information on our website.

It is important to arrange a visit to our homes to get a feel for the environment and have a discussion with one of the team to see if either of our homes is the right fit for you.


Please contact us on 02083442600 or to arrange your visit.

Following your visit, if you would like to apply, the next stage is to arrange a pre-admission assessment. This involves the person who would like to join us spending a day with us at the home free of charge. This will give them the opportunity to see whether they like the feel of the home before making their decision.


During this day, we will carry out a pre-admission assessment so that we can determine whether we can meet the needs of the individual. In some circumstances, such as where the individual is in hospital, spending a day at the Home is not possible; in these circumstances, one of the management team will carry out the pre-admission assessment where the resident is currently residing.


If we are able to meet the needs of the individual, following the pre-admission assessment, we will be able to inform you of the cost of the placement or day care services.

Please click here for our Terms and Conditions for long-term and short-term placements. Please click here for our Day Care Services Terms and Conditions.

Our aim is to make moving in as smooth and stress-free as possible for everyone. To facilitate this, prior to admission, each resident is given a Welcome Pack to help them and their loved ones prepare for admission and understand a little about how the Home is run.
On the day of admission, we request that the Contact Person set aside approximately two hours to work with the team at the Home to assist their loved one to settle in and also to complete the admission paperwork.