Comments and suggestions can be discussed directly with the Manager of the Home.




Stage 1: The Manager is the person appointed by the Company to run the Home and is in charge of all elements of the care and welfare of staff and residents. Your complaint should be directed to the Manager of the Home verbally. The Manager will respond to verbal complaints either in writing or verbally. Should your complaint involve the Manager, then please feel free to speak to the Operations Manager.


Stage 2: If you prefer not to make your complaint verbally, or if you would prefer your complaint to be anonymous, or, having completed Stage 1, you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may write to the Home explaining why you are dissatisfied. A full investigation will be instigated and a written response sent to you.


Stage 3: If you still remain dissatisfied, you may again write to the Home. Your complaint will be passed to the Operations Manager for further investigation. You will then be sent a written response.


Stage 4: Should you remain aggrieved, you may refer your complaint to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. Details of the process can be found at or by calling 0300 061 0614.


Response Timescales:


All written complaints will be acknowledged in writing within 7 working days.


Uncomplicated complaints will be investigated and responded to in writing within 28 working days.


Occasionally complaints are of a particularly complicated nature and may need to be handled differently. We will inform you when this situation applies and together agree timescales for the investigation and for the written response.