As a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are some restrictions and services referred to on our website that are temporarily not available. Please speak to the team to discuss these changes.

Home-made specialities


Mealtimes are a very important part of our day and offer residents the opportunity to socialise. Our freshly cooked, nutritionally balanced and delicious meals are prepared by our qualified chefs. We offer British and cultural meals reflecting the multi-cultural diversity of our residents, and offer a variety of drinks and snacks throughout the day.


Our experienced chefs understand the nutritional needs of each of our residents and we work with health professionals in relation to dietary requirements and/or swallowing difficulties to ensure our residents’ needs are safely met.


Please take a look at our Gallery to see a selection of what is on offer…

Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Nursing and Residential Care Homes for the Elderly In London


In these most challenging of times, we are continuing to do our best to care for and entertain our residents.


As always, the wellbeing and safety of our residents and staff is our absolute number one priority. We are working closely with all key stakeholders, including Public Health England, to ensure that we remain responsive to changing guidelines and directives.


We would like to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of our residents and their families for the understanding and support that they have shown during this unprecedented time.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on


The team at Autumn Gardens and Anastasia Lodge