Patience and understanding

Dementia Care

Living with dementia can become more difficult over time. As dementia progresses, it may become harder to remain at home and moving into a care home could be the best way forward.


When a person is trying to make sense of the things around them, the immediate surroundings and care can make all the difference to their quality of life. We focus on the individual rather than the diagnosis, to build on their strengths and abilities, whilst supporting them with the areas that become increasingly difficult.


Depending on the particular needs of our residents, an individual may be cared for within a residential placement or nursing placement, receiving the support they need.


We also support our residents’ families, helping them gain an understanding of the condition, and by removing the pressure of caring for a loved one families can enjoy quality time together.


We offer dementia care at Autumn Gardens and Anastasia Lodge. People with dementia needs can access our short and long-term placements, day care services and memory club.