Over 30 years’ experience

Our History

When the Ourris family first opened Anastasia Lodge located in Winchmore Hill in 1990, it was a small residential care home for 20 residents. The home quickly established a good reputation for its high-quality care and warm and friendly family atmosphere.  Demand for places at the home was high and it was extended to be able to care for 29 residents. By 2007 a second home, Autumn Gardens in Southgate, was opened as a residential care home caring for 36 residents and was later extended to accommodate 85 residents.


Delivering services that are in demand


Residential and Dementia Care


Initially, both Anastasia Lodge and Autumn Gardens cared for older people with residential needs.  By 2007, a number of our residents had developed symptoms of dementia and we successfully gained registration by the Care Quality Commission to provide this specialist care. We continue to build on this care by establishing strong links with the Alzheimer’s Society.


Nursing Care and Palliative Care


It seemed only natural for us to expand our services to provide full-time nursing care for our residents with more critical needs. We were successful in gaining registration by the Care Quality Commission for Autumn Gardens to become a nursing home in 2014. This enables us to offer continuity of care for our residents. Our nursing units are accessible to new residents requiring nursing care and to existing residents who develop nursing needs while living with us.


We also offer end-of-life and palliative care. We aim to provide comfort and to control pain and other physical symptoms, while ensuring that the psychological, social and spiritual needs of the individual are met. We also provide support to our residents’ families through these difficult times. Our residents benefit from familiar staff delivering the right level of end-of-life care in the comfort of their room, surrounded by family, with dignity and respect in accordance with their wishes.


Care that meets your lifestyle


As well as traditional long-term placements, we also offer short-term respite placements, day care services and a memory club for older people within the community.


In recent years more and more people in the UK are informally or formally looking after a loved one. This can be a spouse, parent, grandparent or friend, who may have become physically ill or may be living with dementia.  Caring for a loved one can be an around the clock responsibility and many carers feel exhausted and lonely as there is little opportunity to ‘get out’ or ‘switch off’ from their caring role. Responding to feedback from carers, we offer short-term respite placements, day care services and a memory club.


Short-term and respite placements  may be required for rehabilitation, to allow a family member caring for a loved one to have a well-deserved break, carry out repairs to the house or have an operation, where the person’s normal package of care has broken down, or for any other reason respite care may be needed.


Our Day Care Services are designed to provide care, stimulation and companionship for older people, including those living with dementia, who need assistance or supervision during the day. Our day guests can enjoy our wide-range of activities and our home-cooked meals. They make friends and keep busy while their family go to work, handle personal business, or just relax while knowing their loved one is well cared for and safe.


Our free Come Together Memory Club aims to bring older people with their carers together for an afternoon to enjoy:


  • socialising with other visitors in a safe, dementia friendly environment
  • relaxing with refreshments and home-made specialties
  • live entertainment, memory games and activities.


Cypriot specialism and cultural care


The Ourris family are of Cypriot origin and the homes are popular with the Cypriot community.  We provide a Cypriot cultural care specialism with Greek-speaking carers so all needs can be fully communicated. Residents can enjoy Cypriot dining, and cultural activities such as Greek TV, Greek entertainment, and regular visits from the Greek Orthodox priest to give blessings, Holy Communion and a full service within the homes. We also organise visits to the Greek Orthodox Church in Holy Week.


Britain is a multi-cultural nation, and though many of our residents may have spent the majority of their lives in Britain, they still maintain strong traditions and connections with their culture. We provide cultural care and activities to encourage residents to celebrate their British and cultural heritage. This helps residents to feel at home and settle in quickly, in a familiar environment with us.


Welcoming families and friends


We ensure that our residents’ family and friends feel welcome in our homes. Family members quickly become part of our homes’ extended family joining their loved ones and our staff at our annual barbecues, monthly birthday parties and regular special events.


Going forward


Being a family owned, independent business we have the flexibility to react quickly to demand and change within the industry, ultimately providing the highest level of care for our community when they need it most.