Keeping your love ones safe

Contact with your loved ones at Anastasia Lodge

We are delighted to welcome visitors into our home.


General visiting is currently open at Anastasia Lodge. However, in the event of an outbreak, visiting may be modified (we will give you more details at the time if this occurs). In the meantime, please note the following reminders for all visitors:

  • Testing:
    • According to the most recent government guidance, visitors testing is currently paused and, therefore, not required.
  • Infection Prevention and Control:
    • All visitors must comply with infection prevention and control measures, including but not limited to respiratory and hand hygiene and the use of appropriate PPE.
  • PPE:
    • Appropriate PPE must be worn throughout the visit by all visitors 11 years old and older.
    • Where it is reasonable and practicable, children under 11 years old should wear PPE but it will not be a condition of their visit. The government currently recommends that children under 3 years old not wear masks for safety reasons.
    • Where it is risk assessed as appropriate, PPE may also be worn by the resident.
  • Screening:
    • It is important that visitors do not visit if they are not feeling well, even if they have tested negative for COVID-19, are fully vaccinated and have received their booster. Transmissible viruses such as flu can be just as dangerous to care home residents as COVID-19. If visitors have any symptoms that suggest other transmissible viruses and infections, such as cough, high temperature, diarrhoea or vomiting, they should avoid the care home until at least 5 days after they feel better.
    • All visitors must be free of Covid-19 symptoms before their visit. On the day of the visit, before the visit begins, all visitors will have their temperature taken and they will be referred to the “Visitors Information and Screening” poster.
    • Where a visitor is Covid-19 positive or a contact of a positive Covid-19 case, they should not visit the care home for that period.
  • If you develop symptoms or test positive after your visit to the care home, please let us know as this knowledge will enable us to risk assess the situation for the care home, our residents, staff and other visitors.
  • Even though visitors will be wearing PPE and following infection prevention and control measures, there is a residual risk that during the visit visitors may be exposed to the virus. Therefore, we recommend that visitors familiarise themselves with the latest government guidance if they develop any symptoms.
  • Please also familiarise yourself with our latest privacy notice at


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 8886 1034 or email