Anastasia Lodge winner of the Best Person-Centred Specialist Care Provider, London at the GHP Social Care Awards 2020

For millions of vulnerable adults and children across the world, care and support services provided by individuals and companies operating within the social care sector are crucial to their ability to live, achieve and maintain a quality and fulfilling lifestyle. Furthermore, the provision of community-focused care by social care organisations and initiatives remains integral to the promotion of emotional and physical well-being amongst those in need of daily care and support.


It is therefore imperative that those committed to delivering social care services ensure that they do so to an outstanding level and the Social Care Awards, hosted by Global Health & Pharma, returns each year to reward those who go that extra mile to help and protect our most vulnerable members of society.


The Social Care Awards commend those who also demonstrate passion for the work that they do and empathy towards the individuals they care for.


It was an honour for Anastasia Lodge to be recognised in the 2020 GHP Social Care Awards as best person-centred specialist care provider, London. Made even more special as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary this year.


The award reflects the dedication and commitment of our staff to provide the highest level of care for our community.


You can read all about our award here:

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